Entering/Exiting Checklist

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Entering Checklist


  1. Sysadmins create new student account including: Computing access, Wiki access, new phone extension, and addition of new user to ksstudents mailing alias.
  2. Jason add to group homepage.
  3. Student creates homepage according to template
  4. Building access to CEPSR and NWC through Cassandra Kokofu in departmental office.

Lab Access

For Lab Guests

  1. Find a lab host.  Host must be a Shepard student.
  2. Use the following username and password to log onto this wiki - Username: Bioeeguest  Password: [generic lab computer password]
  3. Read Group-wide Safety Information page and e-sign on the Directory.
  4. Add your contact details to the Directory.
  5. Your host should submit a ticket on the tracker to ask for the guest to be added to the group mailing list : labusers@bioeeserv.ee.columbia.edu
  6. Mandatory lab walkthrough with lab manager (Currently Rizwan).
  7. Upon completion of all items above, ask the lab manager for an RFID tag to access the lab.

For Shepard Lab Members

  1. You should already have a username and password from getting computer access.  If you do not already have one, email help@bioeeserv.ee.columbia.edu to request an account
  2. Log into RASCAL. Take courses TC0950 and TC2100, and pass the quiz at the end.
  3. Attend an in-person lab safety training conducted by EH&S. These trainings are offered twice a month which a schedule posted here.
  4. Read Group-wide_Safety_Information page and e-sign on the Directory.
  5. Add your contact details to the Directory.
  6. Mandatory lab walkthrough with the lab manager (currently Rizwan)
  7. Upon completion of all items above, ask the lab manager for a RFID tag to access the lab.
  8. Optional but necessary for lab access outside of business hours: attend a Certificate of Fitness (CoF) class and pass the accompanying test. The necessary information and schedule can be found here.

The above procedures only grant you access to the lab. Usage of any equipment or lab technique, in general, will require further training and authorization.


  • Receive desk assignment from Ken
  • Pick up office keys from Jason

Exiting Student Checklist


  1. Copy files from all personal computers to your home directory. This includes all raw data (compress it first), figures for papers, etc.
  2. Update the PC information list to notify others that the PC is unused (set User=Unusued)
    1. Possibly move the PC to the unused pool and label it as operational, but unused.
    2. Possibly move monitors to the unused pool and label them as operational, but unused.
  3. Move all of your files from any lab computers to the appropriate archive (including: microscope & AFM computers).
  4. Task for Sysadmins
    1. move the exiting student's home directory to the archive drive.
    2. Disable the user account.
    3. Remove user from labusers mailing list.


  1. Add protocols to wiki
  2. Label bindings of lab notebooks and place in the bookcase of NWC702


  1. Offer general supplies to labmates as appropriate.
  2. Give samples to person taking over project.
  3. Discard anything that you believe no one will ever need or be able to decipher.
  4. Box up everything else and label with your name and put on one of the upper shelves in lab.
  5. Clean out drawers and remove labels with your name.
  6. Return RFID tag


  • Return keys to Jason
  • Return lab RFID tag to Rizwan
  • Upload thesis to wiki